The Approach

Sophisticated knowledge & insight

Business understanding

BRMi has been the partner of choice for our customers over the last 10 years. We are known for our thought leadership and unparalleled insight developed through assisting the largest, most complex organizations transform, modernize, and mature their capabilities.

Our customers have realized billions in cost savings / avoidance through managed evolution and differentiated capability strategy.

Collaborative engagement

Outstanding results

BRMi’s proven engagement approach provides breakthrough innovation and lasting growth.  Our multi-faceted approach delivers the right innovation strategy all the way through execution across your business and IT ecosystem.

We harness change agents across your organization to achieve truly transformational results.  Our innovative strategies and solutions have empowered our largest clients to execute strategic change and gain recognition as leaders in their space.

Pragmatic, achieveable solutions

Maximizing YOUR investment

We are focused on your outcomes.  BRMi’s cadre of industry and technology experts provide a strategic perspective of IT solutions in the broader context of our customers’ business goals.  Our methodology juxtaposes strategy, investments, and assets to elaborate the right solutions to provide rapid return-on-investment.

BRMi embeds our experts as partners with our customers to deliver reduced cost, lowered risk, and assurance that your IT portfolio is cost-effective, highly efficient, and aligned to corporate goals and business strategies.

The Advantage

Since its founding in 2004, BRMi has focused on partnering with our customers to help them achieve their goals and desired outcomes through our full life cycle suite of services.  In order to guarantee the consistent delivery of service to all of our customers, BRMi’s experts developed, refined, and deployed a unique delivery methodology.  BRMi’s pivotal Framework produces the strategic outcomes necessary to help quickly modernize an organization and produce the competitive advantages you are seeking.

BRMi’s pivotal Framework combines right-sized strategy, innovative digital business solutions, and managed transformation for sustained growth and lasting business results. Our fundamental philosophy of partnership with our customers in a trusted advisor role ideally positions BRMi to assist in aligning IT services, solutions, and technologies to the business needs of our clients.  BRMi believes that our partnership will result in long-term gains for our customers through the intelligent and pragmatic use of technology tools that not only support your business goals, but accelerates them forward.

The pivotal Framework

pivotal-CUBE-logo-icon-white  pivotalCUBE BRMi’s full-lifecycle, interconnected services. pivotal-F4-logo-icon-white  pivotalF4 is BRMi’s proven analytical methodology.


Used together, they form BRMi’s pivotal Framework:



BRMi’s pivotal Framework provides the building blocks that can be applied to any business challenge or technology need. Together, the pivotalCUBE services (any combination or all of them) and pivotalF4 methodology help our customers make ‘pivotal’ moves to transform the results your business is able to achieve through a balanced use of strategy, planning, business engineering, and technological advances. Our expert consultants consistently and repeatably apply our vertical knowledge through a proven methodology that validates strategy and principles, facilitates discovery of relevant information, develops actionable solutions, and guides collaboration on implementation.


pivotalCUBE is an interconnected set of services that serve as building blocks to create a “CUBE”
that is a strong and cohesive platform designed to solve the toughest business and mission challenges

Envisioning & Enablement

Enabling your organization to establish and pursue a clear strategic direction, building differentiating capabilities and a roadmap to get the results you deserve.

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Business Innovation

Helping your organization excel in today’s highly competitive and resource-constrained environment through improvements in cost and performance.

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Digital Business & Cloud Transformation

Finding ways for your organization to manage costs while improving your service delivery model and adding capabilities that are core to your future.

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Bringing together optimal solutions and proven frameworks to help your business to meet the demands of today’s fast paced and highly competitive business landscape.

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Capability Service Delivery

Implementing the right technology at the right time to support your business needs. We deliver mission applications to business analytics/intelligence to core infrastructure.

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Organizational Transformation

Providing your organization with the necessary planning and resource vision to ensure processes and technologies are understood, effectively implemented, and adopted to generate the most value possible.

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pivotalF4 is our methodology of validating strategy and principles, facilitating discovery of relevant information, gathering requirements, and envisioning solutions. Our methodology produces repeatable results when following F4 (Frame, Find, Form, Follow).


Establish Realistic Vision & Grounded Approach

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Acquire Pertinent & Significant Information

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Develop & Deliver Solution: Business & Technology

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Apply Transformation Strategy

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Success Stories

The Federal agency Chief Information Officer (CIO) realized that the agency needed to “operationalize” its use of Enterprise Architecture to actively drive IT investment decisions. BRMi was awarded a contract in 2011 to provide Enterprise Architecture & Business Modernization Support Services. As part of this initiative, the BRMi team established effective EA functions, updated relevant EA documents and standards, developed the agency’s IT Strategic Plan and Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy, modified internal EA processes, and updated modernization activities. Additionally, BRMi provided critical architecture services to develop actionable segment architectures. Through these successful projects, BRMi has received recognition from Gartner regarding the Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy and the CIO who distributed the IT Security Architectural Analysis to other government agencies to be used as an example.

Success Stories

In 2010, a large federal agency identified a need to take action on its records management program. BRMi was brought in to assist the agency implement an electronic records management system. Priorities shifted and the system implementation was put on hold. However, the BRMi team leveraged the opportunity to assess the entire records management program, identify key areas for improvement and make sustainable headway across the agency. BRMi developed and impmlemented a records management maturity model in 2011 that is still being used to measure maturity and assist in strategic planning. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) used this model as the foundation for the new federal maturity model. In addition, BRMi helped the Department develop new training requirements, update its outdated Records Management Directive and establish key working groups to facilitate further maturation.

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