Enterprise Architecture & Business Modernization Support Services


A Federal agency has the need to “operationalize” its enterprise architecture to actively drive IT investment decisions



  • Disconnected governance structure: EA had been operating in a vacuum and was not clearly aligned to the IT Life Cycle Methodology
  • Outdated EA Standards and Guidelines: Need to supplement team with experience architects and develop guidance for architectural analysis, product tool selection, business needs analysis, and training
  • Unclear IT strategic direction: No clearly defined IT strategic goals
  • Broken Internal EA Processes: EA was unable to articulate their internal processes including identifying and addressing a business need, and other Program Management Functions
  • No Defensible Modernization Blueprint: ETA and segment architectures were both outdated


How we helped:

  • Established effective EA functions: Integrated governance functions with the ITSLCM
  • Updated Relevant EA Documents: Brought EDM in compliance with audit findings and established EA Standards for Business Needs Analyses (BNA), System Development, Services Architecture, and Data Architecture
  • Developed IT Strategic Plan: Provided high-level strategic direction and goals to modernize IT landscape and improve mission services
  • Updated Internal EA Processes: Produced and leveraged new BNA standard to select enterprise-wide scan solution, data masking tool, and development tools, and tweaked process for tracking and updating the Technology Reference Model (TRM)
  • Updated Modernization Artifacts: Aligned IT investment initiatives to the right section of the ETA and updated segment architectures


  • Gartner called the Federal Agency’s Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy one of the top 5 they have reviewed

  • CIO distributed the IT Security Architectural Analysis to other government agencies to be used as a template