A Large Federal Agency


The large Federal agency needed to enhance its records management capabilities and processes to align with guidance from NARA as well as internal mandates



  • Unclear Records Management (RM) Strategic Direction: Agency was unclear how to improve RM maturity at all components
  • Poor communications and outreach to DHS components: Agency components were isolated, sometimes geographically, and rarely worked in sync
  • RM policies needed to be updated: RM Directives and policy had become outdated and needed to be refreshed
  • RM technology tools were ineffective
  • RM processes and best practices were outdated: Program had been operating in a vacuum and had not clearly defined their internal processes


How we helped:

  • Developed and implemented RM Strategic Plan: Envisioned a cohesive plan that Enabled all components to grow progressively
  • Transformed communications across DHS components: Conducted Organizational outreach initiatives individually with all 29 DHS components
  • Updated RM policies and directives: Developed and implemented the DHS Records Management Maturity Model (RM3i) to be able to measure maturity equally across all components
  • Improved records management technology tools: Developed the DHS Unified File Plan Tool to move a paper based process into the Digital world while Accelerating their path towards a common goal
  • Created as-is and to-be processes: Innovated and implemented business processes based on recommendations for improvement
  • Performed gap analysis of 7 offices’ records management practices


  • NARA officially selected the RM3i as the government-wide tool to evaluate the effectiveness of records management